The future of wealth

Written by Conor Logue on Mar 14, 2019

There’s something super-interesting about hacking everyday spend. It’s that recurring everyday excuse to nudge customers towards a better future.

A few weeks back I asked “what if buying a coffee helped me plant a tree?”, or “what if every time I bought lunch I saved towards retirement?”. There’s a fundamental trick of psychology here that I think everyone is missing.

Micro-savings like 'rounding up a transaction to the nearest dollar' feel like a gimmick on the surface, but what everyone is missing is they’re the step to link the present, that is RIGHT NOW (friendly), with the future, also known as THE REST OF FOREVER (absolutely terrifying).

Instead of making you sit down and really really think about whether investing is right for you, there’s a recognition that first we just need to get some good financial behaviours in place for most people.